Gridcraft and Others Compared

Gridcraft Network is dynamic and highly scalable. Having years of experience with Minecraft software, we've developed systems to scale server services horizontally. This allows for tens of thousands of players to interact with each other on the same seamless Minecraft world while hosting the experience across multiple hardware nodes. This relieves pressure on servers and allows for scale. Technology like this is the reason we maintain the Gridcraft Studios game development team: we are able to offering seamlessly scalable experiences to large numbers of players for multiple partnered projects and metaverses that are building on Gridcraft Network.
We understand that the game we're built on is constantly changing, so we've pivoted ourselves to be able to adapt to changes in the ecosystem. Gridcraft Network will release on Minecraft version 1.18.2, which increases world height limits by 50% along with a plethora of other new features. Gridcraft Network's dynamic systems will be capable of updating to any new editions of Minecraft quickly because our features, identities, and land are not fundamentally tied to the features of a specific version of Minecraft. This is in contrast to other projects built on legacy versions.
Gridcraft Network is a high level wrappable network, and intends to integrate NFTWorlds into our own ecosystem when applicable. We're already intending to implement Llamascape's NFTWorld experience alongside the additional experiences being built in collaboration with Llamascape on Gridcraft Network directly.
Compared to Sandbox and Decentraland, Gridcraft Network is able to scale to more concurrently connected players and is able to pull from a larger community of asset creators. We're also able to introduce the metaverse to the plethora of existing Minecraft users, around 114 million.
Finally, Gridcraft Network does not require external downloads outside of Minecraft itself. Frictionless $BITS trading will be available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices without the need for software outside of the game itself.
Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac
(Windows only)
Compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch
(Playable using base Minecraft, but NFTWorlds Launcher not available on these platforms.)
Compatible with iOS and Android
(Playable using base Minecraft, but NFTWorlds Launcher not available on these platforms.)
Dynamically Updating World
(Latest Minecraft version, updates with new releases for security, stability, and gameplay improvements.)
​ ⚠ (Still on legacy Minecraft version.)
Game Studio Delivering Pre-Launch
(Glowsquid Game for Whitelist)
Bi-weekly New P&E Game Releases
Wearables Economy
Player Avatars Based on Token Ownership
Prestigious Whitelist Marketplace
(Earn WL to Prestigious Projects by holding a Gridcraft NFT or $BITS)