Gridcraft’s game development team is comprised of industry leading game designers and game developers with decades of combined experience working within the gaming multiplayer ecosystem. The team backing Gridcraft prides itself on being Voxel game-native, with a deep understanding of how to make voxel games fun.
Members of Gridcraft Studios team have contributed to the following notable large-scale multiplayer projects: TubNet Skyblock Isles Major contributions to Adin Ross’s SSB WRLD, Hylist Games, PartyZone, Playblocks, and more.

Founding Members

Formerly Engineer @ Meta and CTO @ ARKH
Founder @ Llamaverse

Projecki (Alec C) -

Formerly Content Manager @ Tubbo's TubNet, in collaboration with Misfits Gaming Group
Full list of team members will soon be found on our website,
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Founding Members