Llamascape Documentation

What is Llamacape?

Llamascape is a NFT based project built using Gridcraft. You will be able to manage your land, stake to earn $BITS, spend $BITS in the Gridcraft ecosystem, build on your land and fully customize your land.
We will continue to update this article as more details are added and text is subject to change/additions based on different conditions but we will try our best to stay as close to this article as possible to avoid confusion.

How does the land work?

The land is created of 40 different biomes. Each land minted will be given a randomized biome. Some of the biomes can include: Farmland, Volcano Based, Radioactive, Construction, Love, Desert, Crystal, Matrix, Heaven, Royal, Tron and many more themes.
You will receive a random plot on one of these biomes and you will be able to either build your own custom property with a set of assets or be able to select from 8 different predefined builds to place on your property.
Additionally, you will be able to eventually “merge” your lands in a sense to create interconnectivity between your properties. Some other aspects will include land upgrades, vehicle purchases and so much more. We plan to interconnect this currency with $BITS to allow you to use your $BITS on Llamascape as well.

Roadmap? Development Plan?

In my experience, roadmaps have both pros and cons. Some of the pros can include transparency to holders and some of the cons can lead to unrealistic timelines and results. We will not release a roadmap but will release bullet points of things we want to accomplish within the year. We’ve had roadmaps at Llamaverse and they are fantastic but most of the time - it leads to a lot of questions being asked at the wrong time.
We want to release the following things the next few months:
  • Land Reveal
  • Ability to have privacy options on your land
  • Ability to merge your lands
  • Ability to spend $BITS in some manner on your lands
  • Vehicles/Integrate cosmetics with Gridcraft
  • Free Daily Lottery Ticket - Able to Enter the Lottery at each set city (prizes can include eth, nfts, in-game cosmetics, $bits and so much more)
  • If you own an IDENTITY and a Land - for each set you get a quarterly airdrop of $BITS.

Previews of the Land



We will update this section as we get more and more questions. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to ask your questions in the discord under the ask-questions section or you can always DM NFTLlama on Twitter.

Why does Llamascape generate less $BITS than an Identity?

Originally, Llamascape was going to be a much smaller project. Llamascape would have just been “one” factions server with the ability to earn an off-chain currency called LLamaGold (not a cryptocurrency so no liquidation ability). We seen huge incentive to merge with Gridcraft - a GIGANTIC network being built (not just one game basically) with an actual cryptocurrency. So we decided to merge for a smaller $BIT generation.
We decided to create incentives to own both — some of this include exclusive items and quarterly airdrops of $BITS as a bonus for owning both. On top of this, we think the cool utility with Llamascape to accompany your $BITS is having an actual plot of land where eventually you will be able to use your hard-earned $BITS to purchase vehicles, upgrade your land and further.
We think it’s wise to own both for utility sakes but if you are ONLY looking for $BITS generation then we recommend just going for an identity. Historically, land is very valuable so that’s why the mint price was similar - we weren’t basing it off the utility but the concept of being able to own land. When the game continues to grow, land itself will be highly requested due to it being limited supply. In games, owning a house is a luxury vs owning accessories on your character.

Why is the reveal process so long?

The reason why the reveal was so long is because we weren’t quite ready to launch. You may ask - so why did you mint? The big reason is because Gridcraft was 100% ready to launch and we didn’t want to mint at two different times causing weird volatile price action on both projects. We wanted to get both projects out and build from there so we can focus on delivering value.
The reveal should be either the end of this month if not - near mid August.
We have 80% of the lands built (as of 07/14) and we simply need to integrate the privacy options and some development aspects to connect with your NFT.

Is all the above all you’re going to do?

No, we have MANY ideas. I first want to get out all the above then introduce a real innovative roadmap. Some of these ideas may include: a rent game, SIM-like gameplay (to where NPCs can send you messages and you can make choices that can reward/penalize you) and so many other things. This is our base and we will do much more

How will the reveal work?

As you may know, there are 40 different biomes (some of the images shown above). You will be assigned a random biome. IDs #1-387 are for Animated Llamaverse Holders (1:1’s). We only have around ~450 actual holders - so we will distribute the remaining (if any from unclaimed animated holders) as a giveaway for Llamascape holders. You will be assigned a random biome - some biomes are more “rare” and will have an effect later on as we create the base of the project.
The metadata will update with your new rarity upon reveal.
Here is a “preview” of the builder’s previous work below (this may be similar to what your render looks like (without the built aspects on it)).
Preview of the Work from our builder's and how a render may look like (how your reveal may look like - without the actual building of course) - this is not a Llamascape World and simply the quality of work the NFT may look like.

What is the difference between Gridcraft Land and Llamascape Land?

Llamascape Land can be staked to earn $BITS. Gridcraft land cannot be staked to earn $BITS. Gridcraft Land you can select where you want your land and size of the land and as Llamascape you cannot - you are assigned a random city.