Genesis Identities

Gridcraft Identities exist as blocky avatars suitable for use on Gridcraft Network and compatible with Minecraft. Made up of Humans, Apes, Zombies, and Aliens, 2,600+ traits means our collection is one of the most diverse to ever launch. Along with appealing cosmetics, Gridcraft Identities act as a key to unlocking many additional perks and features on Gridcraft Network. These include priority to new events and experience, airdrops, digital land ownership, $BITS, exclusive cosmetics, and more. When we made Gridcraft Identities, our goal was for each identity to feel like a jedi of the Gridcraft Network universe. Gridcraft Identities will also generate $BITS passively.


The rarest of the species, the aliens originate from a home world not much different than the Grid, making them particularly adequate for success in games and trade. Aliens come in a variety of vibrant colors and give deep care to their fashionable appearances.


Through a mutation during initial testing of the Grid’s gateway technology, zombified humans spawned bearing resemblance to those in ancient twenty-first century media. While abnormal, zombies can be quite pleasant; even if their hunger for brains is occasionally overwhelming.


Humans may have been the first sentient species on planet Terra, but the apes evolved soon after. Naturally better leaders, apes ascended to the highest roles in human-ape society. Apes drove scientific innovation, ended warring, and led the creation of the Grid. For this, they are recognized.


The most abundant species, humans represent a wide variety of cultures on the Grid. Some mercenaries, some business people, and many simply enjoying their time. Receiving cyborg surgery has become accepted in human society, allowing members of this species to level the playing field against others who are naturally better warriors.
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