Grid City & Gridcraft Land

Grid City is the native realm for Gridcraft Identities on Gridcraft Network. The city realm acts as an MMORPG; all users can join to aquire items, land, and level up their character with friends. The city center features the starting spawn area and adaquetly sized plots that make up city blocks. Plots increase in size as you travel to the outskirts. Every plot is an NFT tradable on the open market, and will be mintable with $BITS generated by holding a Gridcraft Identity as well as $BITS earned through Play & Earn gaming experiences on the network.

Plots as NFTs

There are 4 distinct plot sizes. Core plots make up the plots closest to the city center, and are more compact to allow for more diversity near the spawn area. After leaving the center, plots are configured in small, medium, and large types. These different sizes allow for users to acquire the land sized to their needs and allow for rarity to be introduced to the Gridcraft Land collection. Plots may be managed by plot NFT owners, who may add subusers to their plot as they wish. When plots are transferred to a new wallet, subusers are wiped to allow the new owner to retain exclusive access. Modifications to the plot such as buildings and improvements transfer to the new owner, allowing plot NFT owners to add value to their plot before sale. Additionally, we are actively working on further fractionalization of plots to support digital condos and neighborhoods within plots, as well as art museum features to allow users to show off their NFT collection within the game for all others to see.
Plot Type
Core (Premium Location)
50x50x383 meters
50x50x383 meters
100x100x383 meters
200x200x383 meters
400x400x383 meters
500x500x383 meters
Configuration of small, medium, and large plots within Grid City.

Grid City Gameplay

Grid City will be accompanied by a full open world for exploration, adventure, and resource gathering. All users will have access to this resource world where they will maintain a health bar, hunger bar, and ability to fight other players and monsters in the wild. Land will not be claimable within the resource world, and this world will reset periodically to replenish resources, so building settlements is not advised. Items acquired here may be traded freely on the Grid Marketplace transacted in $BITS. Travel will be made easier with earnable items like jetpacks and cars.