Gridcraft Identities Launch

This is the collection of characters generated from a pool of over 2,600 traits. Gridcraft Identity holders will receive $BITS, priority to receive Gridcraft Land, and more amazing perks. Gridcraft Identites launch will also be carbon neutral! We’re collaborating with https://native.eco to 100% offset carbon emissions caused by our launch.

Grid City and Gridcraft Land Launch

The Grid City will launch, making land available on Gridcraft Network. All players can access and explore Grid City, but only Gridcraft Identity holders and their friends can take advantage of full modification of land in Grid City.

Gaming on Gridcraft

Gridcraft Studios is developing a suite of both classic and innovative minigames, raids, and missions. These experiences will follow our P&E model, rewarding users for participation and objective completions. We've already developed Glowsquid Game, which is what we've used to host P&E events in the past. You can expect more fun games of the same amazing quality soon.

Marketplace Launch

Along with $BITS, players will be able to earn wearables and items through gameplay. Wearables include hats, backpacks, and other external character gear. Wearables like jetpacks will provide actual functional use, such as the ability to fly in certain games. Other items will be obtainable and tradable as well. There will be a comprehensive $BITS marketplace to promote trade on the open market hosted on Gridcraft’s own website.

Grid City Map

Grid City will receive an updated interactive map viewable on desktop and mobile, no download required. Opening the updated map webpage will pull up all land plots with listing status, owner, sorting abilities, and thumbnails for plots.

Gridcraft Tournaments

Gridcraft will sponsor and host competitive gaming tournaments based on the experiences available to all players on Gridcraft Network. There will be different tiers of tournaments, from amateur to professional. Additionally, partnered collections will be able to send teams to represent their community in CvC (Collection vs Collection) games. Tournament victors are rewarded.

Codename Colony

Codename Colony is a secretive project that will provide new content and opportunties to Gridcraft players, including, but not limited to, new ways to stake Gridcraft Land and earn.

Gridcraft Continued

Gridcraft's roadmap will continue to evolve overtime to stay current and relevant with market trends. Many initiatives not included in the roadmap are already underway.