Llamascape Merging w/ Gridcraft

Llamascape was originally powered by Gridcraft; this relationship implied that Gridcraft would be building out our ecosystem based on our decision making. Gridcraft and Llamascape felt we’d have stronger utility if we combined forces and worked together. Therefore, we have decided to do a full merge!

What does this mean?

This merger means that Llamascape Land Holders will get direct benefit/utility to Gridcraft. Gridcraft is a complex ecosystem that will involve many moving parts. Let’s focus on what’s important for Llamascape Land Holders. Gridcraft utilizes a currency called $BITS. These $BITS will be able to be spent for in-game rewards to modify avatars, purchase in-game cosmetics, level up identities and $BITS can be used in a “WEB3/WEB2” marketplace.
Gridcraft is a massive network involving MANY worlds and mini-games. You will be able to join Gridcraft and earn $BITS within the ecosystem not only by staking but also by playing. You will be able to access this ecosystem as soon as we mint!
Instead of Llamascape releasing LlamaGold as its main currency - we decided it’s better to allow Llamascape to generate $BITS on a network that has been around for years with massive development experience in Minecraft to give more utility to your currency via staking.
On top of this, NFTLlama and the Llamascape Team will also assist Gridcraft with marketing/networking strategies to grow the ecosystem. NFTLlama will focus on Gridcraft to help with marketing and strategic moves to expand the network.
Llamascape Land Holders will always be a part of Gridcraft and will have access to many features as Gridcraft continues to expand.
In order to access your land, you will be able to join the Gridcraft Main Server and access a portal to visit your land.

What are key benefits for being a Llamascape Land Holder?

Some of the key benefits are outlined below (but not limited to, we plan to expand these benefits as we continue building out Gridcraft):
  • Ability to stake Llamascape Land NFT to earn $BITS
  • Ability to build on your Llamascape Land Plot (there will be 40 different types of biomes/cities)
  • Exclusive in-game items on Gridcraft
  • If you are whitelisted for a Llamascape Land, you may have an opportunity to mint a Gridcraft Identity - we will explain this later on during the release of our mint price/mint date drop (learn more here: https://gridcraft.gitbook.io/gridcraft-documentation/gridcraft-nfts/gridcraft-identities)
  • More to come as Gridcraft continues to expand

Discord/Socials Merge

Along with this, we decided to merge our socials and discord. We will be moving our Llamascape Discord over to the Gridcraft Network discord. We will also be minting both the Land and Identities on the same date and allow first come first serve Llamascape Land whitelisted users to get access to both via a bundle.
The Llamascape discord will be locked within the next few days so make sure to join the Gridcraft Network discord. Please join https://discord.gg/gridcraft.
NFTLlama will be joining Gridcraft as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and will maintain both social presences. Critical information and content regarding the ecosystem will be posted on Gridcraft – and will be retweeted by Llamascape.
We will have an AMA on 05/27 @ 2pm EST to discuss everything above in the Gridcraft Network discord.

Small FAQ

1) Will Llamaverse holders be whitelisted to mint a Llamascape Land?
Yes - we will provide more information in the Llamaverse discord soon.
2) Will current Llamascape Land holders be affected at all?
No you will still be able to mint your Llamscape Land but now have MORE utility than orginally proposed.

Conclusion: What’s to Come?

We are super excited to work together to create a bigger vision and add more utility to the original Llamascape Land. We felt like this was the best move possible. Originally, we were both building separate worlds but we found it way more beneficial to build on one world together. We are here to create a great ecosystem long-term. Nothing major has changed - we’ve only added more benefits to your future land.